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How to Update Windows without Internet Connection - Blogger Tricks

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Blogger Tricks - Microsoft is often (always) releases security updates and other important updates, this update to fix newly discovered bugs and weaknesses / shortcomings in the windows, which are useful to protect the windows system and improve performance. Surely this must be done with an internet connection (online), but what if we do not have Internet connection but want our windows up to date?

We can use a tool called AutoPatcher, AutoPatcher allows us to update the Microsoft Windows operating system without the need to directly connect to the internet (online update). This tool will download the latest updates from Microsoft and save it to install to your computer.

His steps:
  1. Download AutoPatcher first program (the download link there at the end of article)
  2. Extract and then run the file apup.exe
  3. Select the version of windows that we want to download the newest update.
  4. Then click the Next button.
  5. AutoPatcher will automatically download the updates.
  6. Once completed, the copy was file2 updates that were downloaded to a USB flash and install it into the computer that you want updated windowsnya operating system without any internet connection.
AutoPatcher is able to download the update for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Please Download Program Here Autopacher

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steven stephen mengatakan... 25 Mei 2014 10.46

I was really need to learn something about this and finally i have got this tips on your blog by the google you should business security installation ny post on this topic to get aware all of us about this. thanks

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