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How to unlock the hidden partition in Windows 7 - Blogger Tricks

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Blogger Tricks - When we do a clean re-install or install windows 7 on a new hard drive to keep in mind that Windows 7 will create a partition size of 100 MB which is protected prior to installing Windows 7 on a new hard drive. This partition contains the boot files and the recovery environment file2 windows 7 and do not allow to delete this partition, because it will damage the boot up windows and windows will not boot becomes.

By default, windows 7 hide this partition in windows explorer, to find out whether there is a system that protected partition on the computer windows 7 we, type "diskmgmt.msc" in the search box or RUN and press the Enter key. Disk Management window will open, here we can see if there is a partition in Windows 7

How to unlock a hidden partition in windows 7:
  1. Download the tool first Open Hidden System Drive, this small and portable programs available for 32bit and 64bit versions, make sure you download matches the version of windows 7 you.
  2. 2x click on the file system OpenHiddenSystemDrive.exe to open a hidden protected partition on windows 7 explorer, first to this drive will appear empty, because it contains file2 drive system which by default is hidden (hidden), to view these files we need for the time disable the option "Hide protected operating system files" trick :
    • Open Windows Explorer, click Tools and then Folder Options
      Click the View tab, and then we'll see the option "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)"
    • Check box is unchecked, then click the Yes button on the warning window WHO bobbed, click the "aplly"
    • All hidden files should be visible.
Note: These tips apply only to editions of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate

Download Tool Open Hidden System Drive 64Bit Here
Download Tool Open Hidden System Drive 32Bit Here

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MyWebsite mengatakan... 10 Agustus 2012 05.12

Generally, the OEM manufacturers save the system recovery files in a partition. In order to protect the files in this partition, it is hidden without a drive letter. With this hidden partition, you are able to recover the operating system once the system is damaged.
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