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Improve Wireless Connection &with WLAN Optimizer - Blogger Tricks

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Blogger Tricks - Often we face the problem of wireles connection is sometimes interrupted at the moment we are playing games online, while browsing or chatting, namely Wifi signal strength. This problem is due to the delay latency, ie the time required by a particular block of data to reach from source to destination. WLAN Optimizer, a free portable application and can cope with and overcome problems like this.

This application is programmed to increase the latency of the wireless connection. He tries to do its work by disabling the periodical background scan activity for wireless networks that tend to cause major lag on some systems.

This portable freeware allows multiple devices to share information through a central device, usually a wireless router. In most cases, this router is connected to the Internet. In order to ensure your wireless network remains optimized, you can choose to run the WLAN optimizer with Windows. If the WLAN optimizer is closed will return the value of the standard Windows original.

The utility can be run from the system tray. When executed, the tray icon displays the device status (blue when connected, and gray if not connected). You can switch to automatic configuration, background scanning and streaming mode, to optimize your wireless network to suit your needs.

How to install WLAN Optimizer:
1. Download the program file. Zip it.
2. Extract the contents to the desired folder
3. The program, run the file execution.

By Default WLAN Optimizer comes with the option "Disable background scan" which is activated, which can be found under settings "Tweaks". If no improvement by setting tweak "disabled background scan" disabled are not visible then you can activate a streaming mode. Remember, when you connect to the network, the tray icon appears in the otherwise blue-gray in color.

WLAN Optimizer contains the following tweaks:
1. Disable autoconfig (admin rights required)
2. Disabling background scanning (no need for admin rights)
3. Enables streaming mode (there should be no admin rights, but depending on the driver)

Users can choose to use a tweak. However, it is recommended not to disable autoconfig. If disabled, you will not see the network in Windows.

WLAN Application Optimizer is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Download Aplikasi WLAN Optimizer Disini

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