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How to Recognize Fake Facebook Profile - Blogger Tricks

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Blogger Tricks - Along with the development of social networking fb be the most accessible, scattered many fake profiles on Facebook and sometimes or often we receive requests from their friends or even have become friends. Not infrequently this kind of dangerous fake profiles. Perhaps the author of a villain who is looking for prey. Or it could be he intends to spy on you with a particular motif.

How to recognize a Facebook profile that has not known it was false or not? Please see the Tips and tricks recognize Facebook Profile ASPHALT (real or fake):

  • Usually the images are too perfect to indicate a Facebook profile is fake. Both images are displayed in the profile picture or on the album, if it shows a figure with no defects and may even be given a touch of Photoshop, it is likely this profile is fake.
  • Be careful if a profile describing users as people who meet your criteria as a friend or a perfect partner. Perhaps this is a special trap for you so that he can dig deeper into the information through an online Chat.
  • Try Researching how many Facebook friends he had. The average Facebook user has 130 friends. If the number of his friends is lower than that figure, probably the only Facebook user engineering.
  • How many mutual friends or a friend in common between you and potential Facebook friends can also become a means of identification. The fewer mutual friends, you seem to be increasingly vigilant.
  • If it is deemed necessary, use search engines to research the name on your Facebook profile and whether the information conveyed in his personal data is correct?. For example, the name of the school etc..
  • Check out the photos. People who truly original often have photos that show themselves with friends or with family.
  • Facebook users with the original profile almost always have a photo tagged (marked) by their friends. Conversely, a fake Facebook profiles often show only the photos themselves without a tag.

So be careful if you receive a friend request with the characteristics as above. and if any input, advice and views please leave a comment.

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