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How to Use Font Without Installing the System - Blogger Tricks

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Blogger Tricks - Installing fonts are too many diwindows can affect system performance, windows will seem slow loading time, and open the msword application will be a bit slow, because all all fonts must be loaded into computer memory. installing fonts is quite simple way, but for menguninstallnya could spend a little sweat for beginners.

If we're making a presentation with Powerpoint, perhaps requiring some font / type letters of interest, or the latest!. But why should install the font / type dozen letters a day? which will slow the performance of our windows.

The solution: Font Load-unload, a free application that can make the font / type letters are available for our use without having to install them first to the windows system, comes with a portable application without any installation procedure to the system.

How to use fonts Load-unload

Click the Fonts icon Load-unload and run the application, we need to do is, drag the font file that will be used to to the "LOAD" on the console application, we will immediately find the font / type hurupnya in applications such as MS word.

Fonts that have been loaded in this application can be accessed, the fonts installed in our system without actually install it. Fonts can also be down loaded from the system by clicking the "Unload". This application can also store a list of all fonts that have been loaded in the previous session, so that we can use the same list to load fonts on the session / time to another.

Please Download Fonts Here

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