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Free Download Anti Virus BitDefender 10 - Blogger Tricks

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Blogger Tricks - Using BitDefender Free Edition is one way to feel your anti-virus protection world-class free! If you are a computer user and the user's antivirus product, you are certainly familiar with the name of BitDefender. For those of you who are new and unfamiliar with the name of this Bitdefender, keep reading, because you will get a lot of knowledge about this BitDefender.

BitDefender is a program that is quite famous, but unfortunately, during this - in addition to scanning the free online services - almost all of the BitDefender products are free not alias all paid product. Well, recently, BitDefender released three computer security product that now they launch by nature free, so you can use it without cost. The three products are BitDefender Free Edition, BitDefender Anti-Phishing Free Edition and BitDefender Chat Encryption. But that kite will review in this article - in accordance with the title - is BitDefender Free Edition.

BitDefender Free Edition is a free antivirus product that uses the same engine as other BitDefender products to tackle and block malicious programs like viruses, spyware, and other malware from your computer.

Is the free version of BitDefender has a limit? The answer is yes, of course. Limitation of the free version of BitDefender is its use limited only as an on-demand virus scanner, without equipped with real-time protection feature. With this limitation, then the process of memory scanning and file and other boot sector can only be done when you ordered it. However, despite that, when a removable device like a USB drive is inserted, BitDefender Free Edition will still detect it directly and will ask you whether to do the scan or leave it alone. In addition, this free program is also still armed with the facility scheduled scan (scheduled scanning) that allows you to reschedule the time of scanning.

Utilizing the experience of previous versions, the new BitDefender Free Edition was designed with a centralized management console, which allows protection options configuration for all BitDefender modules. You simply open the management console to access all modules: Virus Scan, Scheduler, Live! Update, Quarantine, Reports.

You can menjadwarkan checks on your computer at any time, periodically, without any other intervention. Just right click you can check your files and folders. Automatic and manual updates do. Intelligent update of antivirus protection is also available, and can run without your intervention. Updates can be done from the network via the Internet, directly or through a Proxy Server. There are over 90,000 Virus Definitions is available to date.

Entry Update 2011-09-07
Software Tags • bitdefender free
• bitdefender free new 2012
Supported Operating System(s) Windows 7, Windows XP,
File Size 21080kb 
Version 10
License Type Freeware

Software Publisher : BitDefender

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