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Free Download Anti Virus Avast 6.0 - Blogger Tricks

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Blogger Tricks - Avast is one of the best antivirus software on the market. This edition is available FREE for home use and non-commercial use.
Avast, of course you already familiar with this name is not it? Once the final version that was launched with a new interface that brings security support is better, Avast has developed its program back to the version 6 with a lot of development and further improvement.

Avast has made a major step on the last update. Version 5 has brought this free security suite to be more modern, more popular, and with a new interface that dispose of old-style jukebox in the late '90s to more modern look. Also Avast 5, which then are recognized more easily navigable and is used to add new features.

By not making mistakes, Avast 6 adds new features, whether small or large. Some of the features previously only can be found and are available on Avast paid version, now you can get it for free for all versions.


In terms of installation, Avast arguably very easy when compared with competitors such as AVG, though - like the other competitors - is slower than installing an antivirus program paid like Trend Micro, Kaspersky, or Norton.


interface on the Avast 6 is virtually identical to previous versions. Perhaps the greatest berubahan happens next with the lighter gray color scheme is the removal of the Windos Explorer-style forward and backward.

One other change is the addition of Additional Protection tab to the left navigation area, which stores the new AutoSandbox WebRep and control features.


For performance issues, we think Avast is not too bad, but not too good, too. Avast can complete the scanning process in a way that fairly quickly. Which could be recorded the fastest time in the process of scanning Avast is about 20 minutes, and full scan takes about 59 minutes. RAM usage is very light, Avast could only take about 16MB RAM usage when running the process of scanning / file scanning.

Entry Update 2011-09-07
Software Tags • avast free antivirus free
• avast free antivirus free new 2012
Supported Operating System(s) Windows 7, Windows XP,
File Size 53570kb 
Version 6.0
License Type Freeware

Software Publisher : Avast Software

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