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Free Download Anti Virus CloudAntivirus 1.5 - Blogger Tricks

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Blogger Tricks - Cloud Antivirus will help you banish the virus, whether you're working, playing or doing other things. Antivirus that one is very mild on the computer, because many processes are moved to-cloud.

At the beginning of his debut, Panda Cloud Antivirus is traded to the public and brought the two main advantages, namely: Panda traded in his reputation as a solid security suite vendors, and the lightness of the resources required to run this software.

When you opened the Cloud Antivirus, its main window lets you know whether you are safe or not is shown with large red or green icons. Cloud Antivirus works like other antivirus solutions do, offers a Quick Scan and Custom scan for folders, files, and a specific drive, the system load menimum. You can opt out of anonymous data contributed to the air, or you can also choose the remedy out of automatic threat management.

There is a choice of a proxy network connection you'll need, and reporting features that will show what kind of threat has been detected and deleted from your computer. You can filter the report in its entirety by selecting the option "All", 24 hours Last, week, or last month. There is also a panel from the Recycle Bin where you can restore the wrong file detected.

Light From Panda Security Protection Clud AV

From some reviews that we read, we found that Panda Cloud Antivirus has a small impact on system performance. This will slow down the boot time of about 8 seconds compared to an unprotected system. And also the computer will shutdown three seconds slower.

However, virus scan time with Cloud Antivirus is a very fast about 540 seconds on the experiments we did on the computer test. This may be entered into the five fastest scanning time this year.

Entry Update 2011-09-07
Software Tags • cloudantivirus free
• cloudantivirus free new 2012
Supported Operating System(s) Windows 7, Windows XP,
File Size 33080kb 
Version 1.5
License Type Freeware

Software Publisher : Panda Security

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